The International Jin-Gang-Dhyana Association Net
The International Jin-Gang-Dhyana Association Net

Today from Cape Town, South Africa -

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Presenters for the Day and their Programmes:

Mark Allman

Economic Globalization and the Roman Catholic Social Justice Tradition

Fiona Mary Archer, Izak Kruiper

Support for the South African San People

Natalia Baker

Gaining Self-Insight Through Symbols

Alison Elizabeth Cameron

Freedom from Limitations: Living with Spirit

Peter Yuichi Clark

Gratitude as an Interreligious Dynamic among Second-Generation Japanese Americans

Keith Cunninham

Myth, Dream, and Movie

Pratiba Daya

Stories of the Struggle

Kathryn DeGraff

The Parliament for the Future

Eileen L. Epperson, Barbara K. Ducharme

Can Another Religion Really Contribute to My Faith?

Brian Eriksson

Panchakosha Yoga Therapy

Honora Finkelstein, Susan Smily

Global Brotherhood: Building an Internet Church

David Fortune

Youth Living on the Street – Long Term Solutions

Annelie Franken

Sekem Egypt: Gift to the World

Donald H. Frew

What Is Wicca (Neopagan Witchcraft)?

Suzanne Kay Bamford

The Arts: A Ladder for the Soul

Satish Komal

Similarities Between African and Hindu Traditions

Jeff Levin

Vortex Alignment - How to Protect Yourself

Carolyn Lukensmeyer

Taking Democracy to Scale

Tinyiko Sam Maluleke

Slaves Adhering to the Religion of their Masters

Charmaine Mandell, Alycia Forbes

Communicating with Each Woman in a Multi-Religious World: Spiritual Parenting is Crime Prevention

Mohammad Muqim

Metaphysical Foundations of Morality in Islam

Abdia Naidoo

HIV and AIDS – the Six C’s

John Neave

Father and Sons : A Quest for Vision and Values

James W. Perkinson

Identity Politics and Identity Spiritualities: Soteriology at the Intersection of Race and Religion?

Susan Rakoczy

The Mystics Speak: Christian Mysticism and Social Committment

Judith Rouhani

Making an African Bracelet

Kerry Sandison, Christo Sandison

The (W)hole Within: Celebrating the Inner Diversity of Soul, Spirit, Mind and Body

Robert Sarracino

The Oneness of Science and Religion

Shinji Shumeikai/ Shumei Taiko Ensemble

Sharing Taiko Drumming from Japan

Margaret Simons, Shari Brown

Peace Education Programme

Julian Sleigh, Richard Goodall

A New View of Christ and Christianity That Harmonizes with All Religions

Claude N. Stulting Jr.

Cross-Tradition Participation: Reconfiguring the Terms of Interfaith Dialogue

Dympna Travers, Joseph Bell

Biblical Taste Workshop

David Wickham

The St. Louis Steelband

James Wiggins, Chester Gillis , Lonnie Kliever

Religious Pluralism Reconsidered

Thobela Willem

Ex-Political Prisoners and Exiles

Yosef Wosk

Expressive Versus Ineffable Words